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  1. Huracan
    Can be closed(deleted), have it already sorted out
  2. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi, I have bought a few exotic cars in the past needing work and enjoy taking my time, with low overhead to return them to their former glory. So if you or anyone you know wrecked his/her exotic car I would love the opportunity to make a strong offer on it. Maybe it was in an accident on the...
  3. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    WTB: Gallardo running chassis Hi all, I'm searching for a Gallardo running chassis and don't need the bulk of the bodywork. It is for a coachbuild/rebody design project. If any of you have leads to a salvage car or otherwise that fits the bill I'd greatly appreciate the tip. Thanks for your...
  4. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for 03-06 murcielago or any diablo needing major mechanical repair (engine/trans/diffs etc...) max budget around 60K for murcie, or 60k-100K on the diablo depending on the type of car and repair needed. No structural/frame damage and clear title only. call/txt 6159474985 (Julian)
  5. Gallardo
    Hi all, I am new to this forum having just bought a Gallardo Spyder which has had front end damage. I am currently having it repaired and would like a bit of information. Could someone confirm whether there are 1 or 2 radiators & fans at the front of the car? Also, what are they for? 1 AC rad...
1-5 of 5 Results