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    Hello, I am an automotive photographer from Dallas, TX! I've recently launched a new website, here is the link Exotic Source 2.0 in addition to my older one Exotic Source Let me know what you think!
  2. Dallas Performance RS1 Gallardo first to break 220mph in the 1/2 mile

    We've been very busy at the shop with our TT Gallardo builds, and haven't really had a chance to publish any media from the Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack that took place last October, until now. Our main goal at the event was to provide support to our customer Al, in his Stage 3 TT Gallardo...
  3. Another DALLAS Performance Stage 2 TT Gallardo - Verde Ithica Content Inside

    There are many compliments that a customer can give us, but the ultimate compliment is when a customer decides to return to and let us build them another car. This beautiful Verde Ithica Gallardo is not only a rare 6 speed manual, but is also owned by our very first Twin Turbo Gallardo...
  4. Dallas Performance Race Spec TT Kit Released

    We are excited to release photos and details of our new Race Spec (RS1) Twin Turbo kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo. Building on our success with the Stage 1-3 kits that have been in production for the past couple of years, we found some new ways to vastly improve the overall design and looks...
  5. PICS: HRE S104's on our Twin Turbo Gallardo

    Taylor decided the shop car needed a fresh look for 2013, and ordered a set of HRE S104’s a few months ago. We’ve been so busy at the shop, that we haven’t had an opportunity to take some photos of the setup until this past weekend, and wanted to share them with the forum. It goes without...
  6. Dallas Performance Stage 2 Superleggera w/Renown and DMC Goodies!

    We recently finished the Stage 2 conversion (800whp on 93 octane, and 1050whp on C16) of this beautiful Superleggera, and delivered it to the owner to enjoy this past weekend for the Running of the Bull's in Austin. While in our shop, the owner had us add the LP-570 bumper with carbon fiber...
  7. Dallas Performance Stage 3 Twin Turbo Gallardo

    We are excited to share another one of our recently completed builds here on Lamborghini Talk! This car was also purchased from the Lamborghini dealership, and delivered directly to us for this custom Stage 3 build. Our customer had very specific goals for the car, so we developed a unique...
  8. Dallas Performance Twin Turbo Superleggera

    We've been meaning to post some photos of this beautiful 2008 Superleggera for a while, but with the holidays, you can imagine how hectic things have been the past few weeks. This Stage 1 Twin Turbo Superleggera made a little over 800whp on the stock motor on E85 fuel. The customer has since...
  9. Who wants to Twin Turbo their Lamborghini?

    ...apparently a few people : ) We took a look around our shop the other day, and thought it would be a great opportunity to show everyone some of our upcoming projects. With the exception of the Arancio Borealis Gallardo on ADV.1’s (here for maintenance work), all the other Gallardo’s shown...
  10. Dallas Performance Twin Turbo Superleggera

    We plan on sharing many of our current builds with everyone here, and wanted to start with this beautiful 2008 Superleggera. The owner purchased the car from Lamborghini Dallas, and had it delivered straight to us for the installation of our Stage 1 turbo kit. Along the way, the owner decided...