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  1. Custom Aventador Modifications

    So I'm nearly done with my custom modifications and thought I'd share some of my great experiences. After nearly a year, Neal at Euroteckmotorsports came through big time by making me a custom carbon fiber hood as per my design instructions. They can custom model and forge anything you design...
  2. Aventador Carbonfiber Steering Wheel - 2 PCS Premade @ Special Amazing LT Price !!!

    DCTMS Preconfigured Carbonfiber Aventador Steering Wheel To celebrate our arrival on Lambo Talk, we would like to give two lucky Aventador owners a chance to buy 1 of 2 custom preconfigured carbonfiber steering wheels at an amazing price. In exchange, we would ask that a thorough descriptive...
  3. What are the hardest to find products or services for a Lambo?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Just curious on this topic and wanted to POLL everyone here. I am curious to get anyones opinion as a owner of an exotic what the hardest to find after market products, services, or information have been from your experience? For example, I needed some touch up paint for my ' 05 Orange G so...