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  1. DCTMS Lamborghini Gallardo Steering Wheel Projects - Custom Core Exchange Conversions

    DCTMS Gallardo Steering Wheel Project Thread - Core Exchange Conversions We will use this thread to showcase our clients custom designed Gallardo steering wheels. All the steering wheels shown in this thread were modified from the original Gallardo Core Steering Wheel to meet our clients...
  2. DCTMS Aventador Steering wheel conversion

    We would like to use this forum thread to show the special conversion projects requested by customers to make the steering wheel more unique and personalized. Lamborghini does provide a good steering wheel for Aventador models but we can help owners modify the wheels up to their spec. Since we...
  3. DCTMS Lamborghini Aventador Steering Wheel Projects - No Core Exchange Required

    DCTMS Aventador Steering Wheel Project Thread We will use this thread to showcase some of the Custom Steering Wheel Projects we have done for the Lamborghini Aventador For more information please contact me via PM or e-mail: [email protected] --- Design: Sport Flat Bottom Top Grip: Gloss...