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  1. Rear Ended...Need Help :(

    Hi All, So unfortunately my Gallardo was rear-ended. I was stopped at a stoplight for 30 seconds and was hit by somebody not paying attention (likely on their cell phone). Below I attached a video that shows the damage that occurred to the car. I'm wondering two things: 1) Does the damage...
  2. Huracan crash at 208mph

    Huracan This is the first Lamborghini Huracan crash that happened in hungry last september. Amazing how they both survived. Even though the passenger was seriously injured and suffered burns still shows you how far safety and crash protection has evolved. Glad to know i'll...
  3. Fatal Lamborghini Crash - Delhi India

    Guys Please drive your cars safely --- NEW DELHI: The 26-year-old son of a real estate tycoon died in the early hours of Sunday when the Lamborghini he was driving crashed at high speed into the railings adjoining a bus stand in south Delhi's BRT corridor. A cyclist was critically injured in...
  4. Safety of Lambos?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I, as any driver I'm sure, am always concerned about the safety of my car and ultimately for myself. I am just starting to do some serious research about Gallardos. I found a website that documents many accidents of Lambos. I won't mention the actual site as I feel that may be going against...