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  1. Countach
    Hey guys, I have an original countach windshield from 93. Is this worth anything and would anyone buy it? My dad built a few kit cars in the 90’s and this was left over. It has the metal trim and in great condition. Thanks.
  2. Countach
    Hello, first of all i am sorry if my english isnt perfect, my mother language is german. So my problem is, that i rebuild the engine of my Countach LP400S. I filled it with 17,5l 20w50 Oil as mentioned in my drivers manual. The Problem is that i have been told that 17,5l are a way too much, but...
  3. Countach
    I took my Countach out for the first month of winter. It's the first winter I've had it so I couldn't help myself and dabbled in driving it on weekends before finally gaining some sense and sending it off for general maintenance so that I couldn't touch it. I avoided road salt right after they...
  4. Countach
    This thing looks pretty sweet! Can't wait to watch the auction over the next week! Does it belong to a member? 1988 Countach - C&B
  5. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Ann. (1989) Hi All, For Sale, I have this brand new, never installed Countach Speedometer Part# 006019638, Asking USD $4,000/- plus shipping. I am based in Bahrain in Middle East. Also I have a few other dealer parts for same model countach. Please PM me. regards...
    $4,000 USD
  6. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    We wanted to write and formally thank Lamborghini-Talk and those of its members who have been kind and generous enough to provide information , anecdotes and photographs for our Lamborghini Countach book which has just been published ( Evro Publishing , ISBN : 9781910505632 ) . We estimate...
  7. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Lamborghini Exhaust - Stainless Steel Mounting Upgrade for 400251393A Fitted on most Countach , Diablo , Espada , Gallardo , Jalpa , Jarama , LM002 , Murcielago We have now managed to machine and manufacture these upgraded mounts entirely in the UK and can offer them at half the cost of buying...
  8. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi All, I have the following 25th Anniversary Lamborghini books available: 1 - Drivers Handbook - Limited Edition - $ 500/- 2 - Parts Catalogue - $1000/- Open to offers, I am based in Bahrain, ME and I can ship any where, at your expense. Additionally, I have a lot of parts and other...
  9. 350/400 GT
    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the correct braided stainless material to remake the oil lines on the 400GT 2+2 we are working on. The hoses measure 20mm ID and 29mm OD and have an AN type insert, collar and end. Does anyone have a lead on somewhere that has this material? Thanks
  10. Countach
    Hi guys, does anybody know whether a luggage set for the Countach existed and if yes how many pieces? If i remember right i once saw a 4 pce set in Black (very straight forward design) in green dust bags... no idea whether this ways complete. All bags had approximately the same size. Any idea...
  11. Countach
    Trying to find a battery for my 1985 Lamborghini Countach. Just wondering what type of interstate battery would work for it? Online results show nothing and cannot find anything on their website.
  12. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Red on Black 12560 miles Manual Excellent condition both in and out 1 owner all original car. Questions, concerns or serious offers please call or text Reid 516-655-0940 Asking price: $449,000. Car is in New York.
  13. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I have a beautiful Countach LP400 Periscopio for sale. PM me for photos and description. Jeff
  14. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Chris for purchasing our Gallardo Kevlar clutch. Chris wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than a stock clutch and drives like an OEM clutch. We told him that our HT300 Kevlar clutch lasts 300% longer than a stock clutch. So he decided to get our HT300. Since HT300 last...
  15. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    No center cap. A few light scratches. Tire looked original with no miles. Send me a message if interested!
  16. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank John for purchasing our Kevlar clutch for his 2006 Gallardo. His clutch was almost worn and he wanted to get a clutch that would last a long time. When we talked he told us that he will never sell his Gallardo and he will leave it to his kids and that's why he got the HT300...
  17. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Tim at Underground Racing for choosing our Kevlar clutch for their customer with their Twin Turbo Murcielago LP640 kit. As you all know, Underground Racing makes one of the best TT kits in the world with amazing horsepower and with numerous records. To handle all this...
  18. Hi Tech Exotic
    We wanted to thank Henry for purchasing our Kevlar clutch for his Twin Turbo project. He had bought a SPEC clutch but John, who had issues with a SPEC clutch, warned him how undriveable it is. So Henry bought our clutch. We also wanted to thank John for possibly saving Henry from having...
1-18 of 66 Results