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  1. Murcielago
    Is it only me or the whole world is out of the Pirelli Corsa tires? I tried tirerack, local Pirelli dealer and even the Lamborghini dealer! Does anyone have an idea where I might get a new set of Corsa tires for the murcielago? 245/35-18 fronts 335/30-18 rear Thanx
  2. Gallardo
    I managed to sneak out last weekend during a break in our horrid Auckland winter weather. It was a nice 120 KM run across country and my first real chance to try out Corsa mode. Oh my! It's a great sound, shame about the neck snap inducing gear shifts though. I really hope that's normal. Nothing...
  3. Murcielago
    How many miles are you getting on Corsa tires on the Murcielago?
1-3 of 3 Results