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  1. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hint: It will cost you a little extra in the Lambo world. Color Research USA Today
  2. Anything and Everything
    Vote here please: Blue Red Black Yellow White Orange
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Thanks to all that respond :)
  4. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Vote here please: Most favorite/favourite Color/Colour on a Lambo? Red Orange Yellow Green Baby Blue Blue Continued...
  5. Gallardo
    Hi Everyone, I'm Nima. I'm new to the forum. I am in the process of acquiring my first Gallardo. I am mainly looking at LP's; for obvious reasons. My questions to you Lambo owners is: 1) Does the number of owners influence your offer? 2) What should be the "average" miles driven per year...
  6. Gallardo
    Stock seat belts are boring! Are you still running the boring stock seat belt webbing in your car? We can help. At only $110 per seat belt (plus freight and UPS HazMat fees), we don't believe there are any upgrades for the price that have as much of a visual impact as custom seat belts. We...
  7. Aventador
    I am ordering my SV Roadster Aventador. I have been driving an orange Huracan and it's just too much of a pop at night and day. I am thinking of a color that is more stealthy at night as week. I narrowed it down to the following and would love other members thought. I love the Mattes but due too...
1-8 of 8 Results