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clutch grabbing grab

  1. New clutch just spins!??? Goes in gear great.

    Hey I'm new to this forum. Im Johannes. I have a 2002 murcielago. The clutch was pretty bad so I replaced it myself. I ordered a new oem clutch kit with flywheel, pressure plate, and disc. I put everything together right, I didn't replace the throw out bearing but didn't need to cause it was...
  2. Grabby Clutch Gallardo E-Gear

    Just got a 04 G with E-Gear. The clutch grabs and releases on initial take off from 0 to 10 mph. It's feels like it is automatically "fanning the clutch". The car has 12k on it and the clutch has about 50% wear remaining. It does it worse when the car is hot. Any help to the newbie would be...