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  1. WANTED - Crashed, wrecked, Insurance buyback Lamborghinis

    Hi, I have bought a few exotic cars in the past needing work and enjoy taking my time, with low overhead to return them to their former glory. So if you or anyone you know wrecked his/her exotic car I would love the opportunity to make a strong offer on it. Maybe it was in an accident on the...
  2. Lamborghini Gallardo 2004 (77K)

    Lamborghini Gallardo 2004, 16k miles, E-Gear Transmission..everything is in accidents only one owner...please contact me if interested...$ 77k
  3. Lamborghini parts reference list, with cheaper Audi options

    Gallardo I just created this doc based on a previous thread, but figured I would start a new one so that the link is easier to find