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cat delete

  1. Murcielago
    Right in the middle of this one.... gonna make her scream! Getting a Primary Cat Delete, Valved Exhaust.
  2. Aventador
    Hello Everyone, Very pleased to have joined this forum recently as a sponsor. VelocityAP is a manufacturing brand of performance exhaust systems, headers, ECU Tuning & Suspension components. Originally founded in 2007 in the UK, we are now based in British Columbia Canada. In addition to our...
  3. Gallardo
    Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I spent much time on Lamborghini-Talk, but we have been busy expanding our exhaust range and decided it was time to become a sponsor. VelocityAP was founded in 2007 in the UK, but is now based in British Columbia, Canada. We are an OEM exhaust &...