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  1. Car meet, greet,show & cruise january 27th, 2013 (houston tx)

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    PLEASE COME ON BY AND ENJOY THIS UNIQUE, ALL VEHICLES WELCOME FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! inviting everyone to take a cruise with us on (SUNDAY)JANUARY 27TH 2013..the meet for the cruise will be held at the great indoors front parking lot, thats between sams club & the home deopot near gessner & i10...
  2. Cars & Coffee Run--Lambo leads the way

    Lamborghini Events
    Cars & Coffee Run With the Arancio Gallardo Superleggera as the pace car. Good crew cruising the street (safely of course). :D I must say, in reviewing the footage again, I am in total love with the Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sportline's exhaust. Its all stock and still not broken in in the...
  3. New Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee--Let the Games BEGIN

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    Well, a new season is upon us and the official kick-off was yesterday. It was great to see the usual folks and some great new faces. The season promises to be epic. Some great cruises planned including Bryan's ultimate adventure... Here are some pictures and the first video of the season...