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carbon fiber

  1. Hi Tech Exotic
    I was looking at Pega clutch/GTE Engineering website. I wanted to know if they have any feedback form any customers. They only had one feedback from a Gallardo owner. After reading couple of lines, I realized that this is my positive feedback, not someone else. I have Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar...
  2. Hi Tech Exotic
    We are happy to say that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Diablo Kevlar clutch to Sydney, Australia. Our customer wanted to get a clutch that lasts longer than an OEM. He also wanted to make sure that the engagement is smooth. So we put him in contact with some of our other customers who...
  3. Hi Tech Exotic
    We are happy to say that we have shipped another Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar clutch to Melbourne, Australia. Because of recent events, our customer wanted to talk and meet one of our previous customers. I told him that we have a customer who has been very happy with our Kevlar clutch. He lives in...
  4. Aventador
    We've got a couple of Aventador projects going on with Famous Auto Sports in Chatsworth. More photos to follow.
  5. Hi Tech Exotic
    We have shipped another one of our Lamborghini clutches to Indiana. This Kevlar clutch is for a 2004 Gallardo E-gear with a Twin Turbo engine. It has a bolt on Turbo kit, producing about 700-800 hp. The customer was very unhappy with the clutch from another vendor. It is very difficult to...
  6. Aventador
    The Big Bull gets a Big Upgrade!!!! Superior quality carbon fiber replacement parts for all the exterior trim pieces. Full Kits are currently in stock in matte finish but selling fast. Available to order in Matte or Gloss finish. Email [email protected] to order. Click Here to View...
  7. Hi Tech Exotic
    We would like to welcome Hi Tech Exotic as our newest supporting vendor!
  8. Classifieds
    Have a set of brand new OEM console & handbrake in carbon fiber twill weave. Same as the Superleggera. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  9. Murcielago
    Hi everyone, we have started work on project Murci and we have already finished our first part. A Carbon Fiber Fuel Door. We will soon be working on other carbon fiber exterior goodies. We are located in the LA area and have more than ten years of built up reputation for quality and service...
  10. Gallardo
    Well guys it's taken a while longer than expected, as everything does when you are trying to make something great, but I am now pleased to announce that the PFD Carbonworks Gallardo Carbon Fiber Hood are now available for the first generation Gallardo! PFD Carbonworks Gallardo Carbon Fiber Hood...
  11. Car Dealers, Transporters, Parts Supplier Rating
    I have to say, as far as I can see, "Agata-Sports" or w/e this is, is most likely a scam. I emailed them on numerous occasions asking to see pics of their own carbon interior pieces and their carbon door pieces and I've only received pics from "Ben" of OEM LP670 pieces. I then asked them to...
  12. Murcielago
    Hi guys, I just received photos from the folks at DMC that show the 2011 GT Body Kit which I ordered for my 2003 Murcielago. The carbon fiber looks so stunning, I just had to share these with you!! Can't wait to put the kit on my car, will post photos for sure once it's all installed!