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  1. For Sale: Brand New Lamborghini Car Cover OEM Rare

    For Sale: Brand New Lamborghini Car Cover OEM MURCIELAGO BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI CAR/SEAT/STEERING WHEEL COVERS. Extremely Rare, no longer available from Lamborghini. These Come in the Original Bag, as shown, and has only been used once to test on a 2006 Murceilago This Product is made in Italy...
  2. Anyone have a car cover for a 03-08 Gallardo they wish to sell?

    Does anyone have a car cover or know of an owner who wishes to sell a Gallardo car cover used or new that they may not use? I am particularly interested in the car cover that is used for indoor use like protection against dust etc. however I am o.k. with purchasing just the standard car cover as...