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  1. First Private Purchase

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    So I am in the process of buying from a private seller out of state and this is my first time not doing it through a dealership. I have already had a PPI done by a reputable shop and done my due diligence up until this point. I now have a certified check from my bank in hand and will be flying...
  2. Helpful insight into buying your first Lamborghini!

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    This had some good advice/things to look for!
  3. Dealership Purchasing Question

    Dreamers Forum
    I'm not trying to break the rule by asking how people afford one. But I went to Lamborghini of Dallas, and just the embrace of being around so many cause me to go in a sort of shock (like asking a girl out) nearly all of my questions I had slipped my mind. But one that I did ask was, if I was to...
  4. Purchasing A Lamborghini

    Dreamers Forum
    I was pondering the other day if buying a Lamborghini would be better if you had it delivered to a specific location for pick-up, or go to the dealership to go buy it?