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  1. Is Bugatti better than Lamborghini and/or Ferrari?

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    I mean just look at this :)
  2. Fractional Ownership Exotic Car Business

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    I am currently working on developing a plan for an Exotic Car Fractional Ownership business. There are currently businesses that all ready do this each with their own spin on how it works. The business I am developing is slightly different as it focuses on the more high end vehicles such as a...
  3. 2 Lambo's and 1 Veyron Scratching on the Ground! Good Crowd Reaction! {Video}

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    Starts off normal, a wonderful white Lambo G. leaving Cars and Coffee Irvine. After him the Bugatti Veyron (Deep Red and Black) Scratches on the ground following with a great reaction. After the Veyron a burgundy Lambo passes by and they drive off. Video of the incident -
  4. Bugatti Veyron: Top 10 Interesting Facts!

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    Some very cool stuff, the facts of this car are truly great, Subscribe to see more too! .