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  1. Huracan Performante Brakes fade

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any info regarding 2020 Huracan Performante having fading issues while on track? With the lambo I am able to run 4-5 complete runs at Interlagos track, while with my Porsche Caymen GT$ I can up to 12 with no fading. Lambo has Carbo-ceramic brakes while GT$ regular...
  2. FS: BNIB OEM ceramic rotor pair, fits Huracan/LP560/570 and Audi R8

    Hey all -- new in these parts since I don't own a Lamborghini, but long story short, I thought these rotor would fit my Audi RS4 but the hats are slightly different than what the RS4 needs. So now I find myself with some extremely expensive paper weights :( Audi lists these for $5500 each (!)...
  3. Brake light on dash blinked a couple times...

    It has happened twice, both on left turns from an intersection. First time I did a wonderful left turn including some slight oversteer and I thought it was just a warning from the rear tires slipping, but the second time again it was a quick left turn but no loss of traction. It beeps, brake...
  4. Brake Options - Non LP, Non CC

    I've just gone through another set of factory discs and pads - the discs became pitted and the rears were actually bumpy (from center outwards) to the touch. Having chatted with a couple of people they've suggested Girodisc. Before taking the plunge I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any...
  5. The brake caliper - which color is the most beautiful?

    which color should i use in my car? Danilo_Bandeira's Library | Photobucket
  6. Used gallardo price fair?

    I'm looking to purchase an '05 gallardo. I found one with 30k miles and new clutch 80% brakes and 95% tire tread. It claims to have flawless exterior and good interior with some leather worn near the parking brake. All services up to date. What would be a fair price to offer? I was thinking...
  7. brake seals not available from Lambo or Brembo !!

    does anyone know where i can get seals and dust boots for the brake calipers on an '03 murcielago?? Lambo doesn't sell them and neither does Brembo!! I removed and stripped all of the calipers for powder coating. so now I start the search for a rebuild kit or at least a seal kit... Brembo...