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  1. First Time Lambo Owner...iPhone Navigation Question

    Hey guys, I just purchased my first exotic, and this is my first post! My question is: Is there a way to display my iPhone Navigation Maps on the instrument cluster? I purchased a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan in Verde Mantis from Marshall Goldman. Single owner, 15K miles, full clear bra. I am...
  2. Lambotghini Gallardo Aux input

    There is an Aux chord installed on my 2008 Lambo Gallardo Spyder... but I cant I don't know how to make it work. Is it a ccertain radio station I put it on or maybe the cd player? it was already installed and I had the car for month before discovering it has an aux input. Any one?
  3. 2008 gallardo spyder Audio options

    I own a 2008 G spyder and I want to have a Bluetooth Audio option or Aux input option. My Sd card slot never reads any of the music. it just says loading the entire time. So any recommended products for blue tooth audio or aux? (I don't want to replace the head unit, I'm trying to avoid...
  4. Bluetooth module

    what sort of bluetooth module do I need for an OEM stereo system, so, I can connect my iphone?
  5. OEM Gallardo Bluetooth Harness

    Hey Folks. I have an OEM Bluetooth harness for an RSN-E head unit in the bag straight from the dealer, PN 400971129 that came with the OEM bluetooth kit PN 0R1400134. Harness sells for $677 at Lambostuff. I believe this to fit up to 2008's but I cannot guarantee this information to 100%...
  6. Selling a brand new Tonino Lamborghini Bello Bluetooth Headset

    Hi, I have this brand new Bluetooth set that I wanna sell to people that appreciate it. I am using a simple phone. I dun need such a cool bluetooth. It is original and unopened. Not FAKE. Up to 6 hours talk time Up to 160 hours of standby Operating range up to 10 meters @ Headset and...
  7. Suggestions for the ultimate ICE system for a LP560

    I am not overly impressed with the in car entertainment. OK...that is not what you buy this car is for, but when you are not breaking the law speeding and stuck in a traffic jam, some sounds are nice...Also a good phone system, front and rear cameras and a GPS that does not need psychic...