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  1. Murcielago LP640 - Low Voltage

    Recently got an LP640, when you turn the ignition on its reading 11.5v and can drop to 10.9v before you start the engine. Battery charger reads 14.1v when fully charged but drops instantly when you turn the ignition on. Car starts fine and reads 14.1v when running but getting some electrical...
  2. Changed Battery, Car will not start

    My Varta battery was dying (it had been in the car since 2007) even with a battery tender, and I finally replaced it with an Odyssey (I posted last year that I was looking at an Odyssey but I did not make the change until now). The car was starting before but only after charging the batter with...
  3. Battery charger tender Diablo

    Tools, Equipment, and Cleaning
    Hello on my Diablo I have this plug for the battery charger. I don't have the battery charger. Does anyone recongnize this plug? Where can I find the "male" part? do you know the brand? Many thanks to all!
  4. 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo/ Cannot get into car / Help!!

    Hello everyone, This might sound really stupid but I cannot seem to get access into my Gallardo. its been about two weeks since I last drove it, and when I tried this morning, the keyfobs were not working so I am assuming the battery is dead. I just purchased the car so I dont know how to get...
  5. Lamborghini gallardo 2005

    I have just purchased my first lamb and when I set the alarm the battery goes flat very fast can anyone tell me if the lamb alarm has an internal battery or is this just a common fault on the lamb I have fitted a new car battery but still does it also the keyfobs will not operate doors have to...