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  1. Aventador
    Hello everyone I am new here, I will quickly introduce myself, I own a garage in Dubai where we are specialized in Supercars, today I received a beautiful Matt Grey SV roadster that sounds like it escaped from hell, I noticed that the car was running quite rich because of the black smoke when I...
  2. Aventador
    Can anyone help? I removed and refitted the rear bumper on my 2013 Aventador, and now the reverse camera has stopped working. It was working fine before, I checked all connections and they are fine.
  3. Aventador
    Hiyo! Just picked up my 4th aventador, but I am having some wild issues with this one :|.. WOULD LOVE ANY HELP! (I have a Vag Com and can check and clear codes and read diagnostics) 1. Drove it after its been sitting and got gearbox malfunction, cleared the codes with Vag Com and put on...
  4. Aventador
    I purchased a dealer type diagnostic program for my Lamborghini aventador, but have no idea how to use it. Does anyone have any tips? Or know how to use? It’s on a panosonic touch book, if it matters. Thanks.
  5. Aventador
    Hey everyone, I’m not a Lamborghini owner, yet, but I’m a technician that works at a shop that works on these cars. In the shop we have a 2012 Aventador that’s showing multiple codes and not starting, the starter kicks on and the fuel primes but there’s no start. It’s showing 2 U codes and 1 P...
  6. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hello all! We are doing a Liberty Walk Project on a 2014 Aventador Roadster. I will be replacing most of the stock exterior panels and will have no need for them. Below is the car now, a render of the completed car, and a list of parts provided by Liberty Walk to replace the current panels. If...
    $1,234 USD
  7. Aventador
    Hello all, I am doing a Liberty Walk project on a 2014 Aventador Roadster and will have no use for most of the exterior panels. I am going to list them in the parts section but does anyone know of a shop that would be interested in buying them? I have attached a photo of the car now, post...
  8. Aventador
    Hi , I will buy an Aventador Black matte LP700 first edition, and I wanna mention this, if you wanna buy one I believe you should buy it as soon as possible , because the next one , the Elctric version it's really ugly , And V12 and Aventadors they don't make anymore so they will increase...
  9. Huracan
    Been following the forums as a guest for a while, took delivery of my Evo RWD back in November. Finally got to use it properly and drove from the UK through France, Switzerland & Germany. Trip of a lifetime! Grimsel pass in Switzerland, if you live in Europe that’s a route you must take! 30...
  10. Aventador
    The carbon fibre illuminated door sill on my passenger side 2018 Aventador S Roadster has started flickering: Does the entire trim plate require replacement or is there a simple change of the LED light strip?
  11. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Color: Blu Cepheus Miles: 8900 Im asking 520k but I’m negotiable. The car runs perfect and just had its annual two year major service done. The car has a clean title and it’s in hand. It was involved in a small accident which I will include photos. The rear left...
    $500,000 USD
  12. Aventador
    Hey guys, I purchased a sv coupe back in January and I love the car but can’t seem to stop thinking about the svj. I personally would pay current market value for an svj but I’m waiting to see how the market plays out. In the meantime I’ve been really looking at the Sto’s but can’t seem to get...
  13. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    PUR RS05 rims. Originally retailed for $12k. These came off an Aventador I recently purchased and have approximately 850 miles on them. Rims are in excellent condition with no curb rash. More pics available upon request. Aventador sold separately. :)
    $6,500 USD
  14. Aventador
    Who here has a ultimae for sale or willing to sell if price was right? Send me a message. Also if anyone knows any for sale publicly or privately please let me know. Thanks so much!
  15. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for Aventador S Roadster low miles, open to any spec, max $550k, text me 832-683-9012
    $550,000 USD
  16. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    -Price- $462000 -Miles- 4350 -VIN- ZHWUG4ZD4JLA06940 -Location- Houston, TX -2nd Owner -Clean Title in Hand -No accidents Mods: -IPE Full Titanium Exhaust, including IPE Titanium Test pipes w/ sport cats -XPEL PPF on Full Front End/including mirrors Car is flawless inside and out. No paint...
    $462,000 USD
  17. Aventador
    Saw this car up for sale for an absolute steal and was wondering why. One sold for $515,000 on BAT and this one is only $360,000. It does have miles on it, but definitely too good to be true. The carfax does not show an accident but if you google the VIN, there is a photo of some serious damage...
  18. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi guys, I have for sale a brand new and unused front emblem for a Huracan, Avenador or Urus. Partnumber: 4T0853745 260 USD shipped.
    $260 USD
  19. Aventador
    Hiya! I just picked up a 2016 roadster, and I think the head gasket is going or blown. 28k miles No exhaust smoke or anything. The oil fill cap has a lot of frothy brown around the rim. No blow by... so is there a way to see if the head gasket it blown? Also has anyone ever done a head...
  20. Anything Value Related
    What do you guys think about Aventador values once the successor comes out? Some say they will tank but, IMO, since the Aventador will be the last non-assisted NA V12 car from Lamborghini, it will hold its value fairly well. Also, I think the move to DCT in the new-gen (not sure if that is...
1-20 of 211 Results