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  1. Aventador
    Hello All, I am new here… My 2017 Aventador SV has an intermittent ESC fault that clears on its own but happens consistently. At a stoplight in neutral while trying to hit the paddle to go into first it won’t let me. ESC light eventually comes on and then after multiple tries it will...
  2. Aventador
    Hey guys, I purchased a sv coupe back in January and I love the car but can’t seem to stop thinking about the svj. I personally would pay current market value for an svj but I’m waiting to see how the market plays out. In the meantime I’ve been really looking at the Sto’s but can’t seem to get...
  3. Aventador
    Hello Gents, I have a 2017 Aventador SV Roadster and I got the IPe Titanium exhaust installed. Have any of you guys optimized the app settings that came with the exhaust to get the loudest and rowdiest notes? Id like to hear what others have done as I am just experimenting with some of the...
  4. Aventador
    This is my new render of this awesome beast. Hope you guys like it :)
  5. Aventador
    Every review of the car I've read so far crucify the comfort of the all new bucket seats. The alternative are the electric heated cushier ones. What do you guys think? How would you order yours?
  6. Aventador
    Hello everyone, I am both new to this forum and soon new to Lamborghini ownership. I just last week placed my deposit on a lamborghini SV roadster. Excited with building it I would like to share my indecisiveness with colors and options with you guys. but first: I do not have an order number...
  7. Aventador
    Lamborghini has just blown off the covers from its new Aventador LP 750-4SV on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show. Preliminary details include a more powerful version of the Aventador's V12 with an additional 50-horsepower for a total of 750PS or 740hp. Lamborghini also revealed that the...
1-7 of 7 Results