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  1. Huracan
    It's always a pleasure having some Italian automotive machinery in our facility. Last week, we had a Verde Scandal, Lamborghini Huracan come in wanting some XPEL paint protection film services completed. To protect the full front end, we used XPEL Ultimate self healing film for maximum...
  2. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey Guys, For those who couldn't make it to the show on Sunday, here are some pics. Mine is the Brushed Black Gallardo. But I have to say that the White Countach was my favorite Lambo there!! My kids don't understand, I guess it's a "growing up in the 80's" thing lol
  3. Murcielago
    Took some pictures of the LP640 in a few places around Atlanta. Let me know what you think. Here is a link to all of the pictures - Pictures of my LP640 around Atlanta | Ed Bolian
  4. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Anyone know of a recommended independent that can do a Gallardo PPI for me at Lambo Atlanta? Ideally next 24 hrs.
  5. Lamborghini Events
    <Date> August, 21st, 2011 <Day> Sunday <Rondevu Time> 0600Hrs <Launch time> Sunrise - 0702hrs <Location> Lat 33.65 , Lon -84.42, Atlanta, GA, SE United States <Address> Undisclosed to public, registered Attendees only Beautiful early Sunday morning dawns upon us not with oh so sweet bird...
  6. Lamborghini Events
    Well we are back again, and harder than last time. There will be hands down some of the sickest cars from all over U.S in Atlanta, GA for Import Alliance, and there couldn't be a better time for us to get together and unleash Speed & Mischief we all have within us. Plus we are collaborating...
1-6 of 6 Results