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  1. Aventador ADV.1 ADV005 M.V2 CS For Sale CHEAP!

    Selling the wheels off a friends Aventador. Wheels were bought new from ADV.1 Wheels. Wheels originally had a brushed/polished finish. Also costs about $12k new with wheels and tires. Wheels were then refinished to gloss black. Staggered setup 20" / 21" Sizes in pics of tires. Asking only...
  2. Sheees BAAA aaack.... 2012 Aventador, MISHA Body Kit

    2012 Aventador, MISHA Body Kit After selling this 2012 Lamborghini Aventador to a very satisfied customer who Loved the MISHA body kit that was installed for the SEMA show in Las Vegas.. It returns to CNC Motors as a finished product... Full Prototype MISHA Body designs body kit including...
  3. Rare 04 gallardo 6sp gated shifter, pearl orange, adv.1 wheels, one-off exhaust!!!

    Hello, I posted my 04 Gallardo for sale on eBay. Extremely rare find with very tasteful upgrades. Excellent condition, well maintained, no stories. Considering offers at this time. Email me at [email protected] or call me at 262-960-1640 See ebay item #261321829236 or link...