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  1. Diablo
    I was driving up towards the alps ( San Bernadino pass). On my way up there I got misfire on the left engine ( codes read misfire 6+7+9+11 I think). Quite bad. Thought first is was a loose cable or something ( but because more cylinders were involved it was not likely to be a fault on a singel...
  2. Diablo
    I need a wiring diagram to identify the wires on the console switches, including the main switch cluster, and for the warning light "eyebrow" bar on the dash. If anyone has the wiring diagrams, I would happily pay a reasonable fee for copies of the relevant pages. Thanks!
  3. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    I have available both left hand front and right hand front oem exhaust manifolds. Shorty header type. fit 1998-2001 diablos They have been pressure tested to ensure they are not leaking. they are in good working condition. Pm for pricing
1-3 of 4 Results