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  1. The ECT 2-page duPont Registry Spread

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    So, we don't usually do much with the way of print-ad for advertising, but if there is going to be a pretty targeted group for doing this with, duPont Registry would have to be it. So, we decided to do a full 2-page spread in the 2014 Exotic Car Buyers Guide. It will be on stands in stores...
  2. ECT Kevlar Murcielago Clutch Assembly -- 2005 E-gear

    Exotic Clutch Technologies
    We had the opportunity to work with Knoxville Performance and Dyno on a 2005 Murcielago E-gear clutch swap. This car is using our ECT Kevlar assembly with proprietary segmented Kevlar clutch disc. They went ahead and picked up a throw out bearing and related parts as well. On the Murci/Gallardo...
  3. Rare 6-speed LP570-4

    Hey guys, I was just surfing YouTube and I found this video...