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  1. Adams 580-2 Build - Picture Heavy

    So I've had more than one member mention I should start a build thread so here it goes. It's nothing out of the ordinary but I guess it'll help me remember everything I've done to the car over time. Maybe we should all do this to serve as a reference guide if we have questions about parts, etc...
  2. 2016 Huracan 580-2 Orange, 4300 miles FOR SALE

    Hey Guys, my lease is ending at the end of June, so I have to part with my Orange Beast. Only 4300 miles, super clean car. Located in Los Gatos CA. If you are fan of RWD Huracan this car is for you. I have big brake front kit from Brembo (at least $5,000 upgrade), the rest of the car is...