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50th anniversary

  1. Your Future Predictions on 50th Anniversario Price

    hello, i'm Harry and this is my first post :) With the 50th Anniversario being limited to just 100 units, do you think it will continue to appreciate rapidly in the future? Currently one is for sale at $1.2m in Australia and they started at around 900k give or take to my knowledge in 2014 Do...
  2. We are filming FIFTY Lamborghini cars all over GLOBE for the 50th anniversary!

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    We are doing an exciting project to celebrate the 50th anniversary with Lamborghini. We are filming 50 Lamborghini cars all over the globe from now up until we go to Italy this summer for the most epic event ever! LONG LIVE LAMBORGHINI! Pretty soon we will be looking for more cars too shoot but...