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  1. NEW Lamborghini Egoist! - REVEAL of One Seater - Thoughts? {Video}

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Thoughts on the new Egoist?
  2. La F-Car [Enzo Replacement]

    Discussion of other Marques
    Not a big F-Car fan, hell I don't even like saying the "F" word - but for this new car I HAVE TO SAY IT TWICE! The Ferrari Laferrari, for people who want to make sure you understand its a "ferrari." What do you guys think? All hatred for the brand aside, I do...
  3. New 2013 SRT Viper + Parking Garage Sounds/Echos {Video}

    Discussion of other Marques
    So this guy from a magazine had two weeks with the new SRT Viper, brought it to Cars and Coffee and let me have a ride in it and film it and the sounds of this beast of a car in a parking garage. Here is the video of the parking garage and sounds, Tell me what you think about the car and the...
  4. 2013 "Lamborghini Aventador J"

    Engine Type: V12, 60°, MPI Displacement: 6.498 cm³ (396,5 Bore and stroke: Ø 95 mm x 76,4 mm Valve gear: Variable valve timing electronically controlled Compression ratio: 11,8 (± 0,2) : 1 Maximum power: 700 HP (515 kW) @ 8.250 RPM Maximum torque: 690 Nm...