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  1. 2012 LP550-2 Radio

    Does anyone have a stock 2012 LP550-2 radio that they would like to sell? Or does anyone know anyone who can get parts at a discount from Lamborghini? I bought my Lambo with an aftermarket sound system. It sounds awesome but its just to cumbersome to use. I want to go back to the stock radio and...
  2. My TOP Filmed Lamborghini AVENTADOR Moments of 2012!

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    Hey fellow Lambo lovers, throughout 2012 I've seen a good amount of Aventadors in Southern California, such as Beverly Hills, Orange County, L.A., and more. Revs, Drive Aways, and more, Check it out and tell me what you think! Also if you enjoyed, Full videos of each Aventador are at the...
  3. Toronto/GTA Lambo Owners?

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