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  1. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Prefer Black or White, but other colours considered.
  2. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I have a 05'Gallardo with the E clutch. Very low miles sitting exactly at 9927. In perfect condition no flaws. Looking to get $110k. It's an open California title ready to go in hand. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
  3. Gallardo
    Hi everyone, I am looking at a 2007 Gallardo Spyder (e-gear), and it has high mileage (40,000+ mi). Is this something I should be worried about? What are some things-mechanically speaking, that I need to look into before purchasing a higher mileage Gallardos? Disclaimer: I've been lurking...
  4. Gallardo
    Does anyone have step-by-step instructions on how to remove the intake manifolds on my 2007 Gallardo Coupe? I want to refinish the air intake manifolds. The black finish has begun to flake-off.
1-4 of 4 Results