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  1. FS: Gallardo 2005 (Nero Noctis) Gated 6 Speed MT

    Gallardo 2005 VIN: ZHWGU11M55LA02613 Exterior Black (Nero Noctis) Interior Tan Green Manifold and Calipers Manual Transmission (Gated 6 Speed) 3 Owner Balboni signed All service at Lamborghini Miami 2 Brand New Pirelli P ZERO tires (Front) Small rear driver side fender bender, repaired by...
  2. 2005 Giallo Midas Gallardo E-Gear

    I am putting my 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale. Very clean example. Located in SoCal LA Area. - 19,857 Miles - Exterior Giallo Midas (3 Layer Pear Yellow), Interior Nero Perseus (Black Leather with Yellow Contrast stitching) - E-Gear - Front Lift - Bone stock,​ never modded/wrapped -...
  3. Community feedback on 2005 Gallardo considering

    First time post. Looking at buying my first Lamborghini. Test drove a 2005 Gallardo e-gear with 16K miles yellow with black wheels. 2nd owner now. Midwest car OH, IN to MI. Local Lamborghini dealer did a PPI and 50% clutch life left, some cosmetic items with rear view mirror, battery and...
  4. 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo/ Cannot get into car / Help!!

    Hello everyone, This might sound really stupid but I cannot seem to get access into my Gallardo. its been about two weeks since I last drove it, and when I tried this morning, the keyfobs were not working so I am assuming the battery is dead. I just purchased the car so I dont know how to get...
  5. Used gallardo price fair?

    I'm looking to purchase an '05 gallardo. I found one with 30k miles and new clutch 80% brakes and 95% tire tread. It claims to have flawless exterior and good interior with some leather worn near the parking brake. All services up to date. What would be a fair price to offer? I was thinking...