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  1. Gallardo drivers with 20" wheels or LOC Rev5

    Wheels and Tires
    Gents, been on reading this forum for a long time and recently joined the owner's club :wave:. Wondering if those drivers out there with 20" wheels could share their experience? More prone to getting dents, harsher ride, fender rubbing? I'm driving an 06 Spyder (gated:)), and was thinking of...
  2. OEM 19" Callisto Rims Gloss Black Mint

    This is a set of OEM Callisto Wheels that have been recently powder coated Gloss Black. The front wheels are 19x8.5, the rears are 19x11. Factory center caps included. The wheels are in great condition with no curb rash. this is for the Rims and tires. Tires as MSSP in the rear with 70% tread...