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      Others might have info about local mechanics.

      For paint care, I would recommend doing a lot of research before starting because it's easy to make big mistakes. This guy's youtube channel is a must watch.

      For a simple wash, I would use the info in that video.
      Then follow up with Ammo reflex (every 6 months), Ammo Skin (every 3 months), and carnuba wax of choice every month (lately my favorite has been Collinite Marque D'Elegance, but Ammo Creme works as well. His products are top notch. A quarter of my garage is taken up by many, many different products from different brands and his are really amazing. The reflex and skin and hydrate are basically in a league of their own with no real competitors in my opinion. Most of the other products have decent competitors here and there but the Ammo products are cut above in most cases.

      If it needs to be polished, you may want to enlist the help of a pro or else spend many hours on his channel learning how to polish properly and practice on your daily driver first.
      The goal is to not introduce scratches while washing/drying. So make sure to use plenty of soap, make sure your mitt is extremely clean and if you drop it on the floor throw it away.
      I use this Chemical Guys Green mitts:
      I use the two bucket method with double stacked particle guards with ammo foam and and a little ammo boost.
      Once finished washing, immediately dry with Ammo Hydrate and either ammo red microfiber towels or chemical guys yellow microfiber towels. These are the only two towels I will use except for the super cheap costco microfibers for wheels/single use and throw away but never touches paint.

      For wheels use a totally different bucket, the murci (non-CCB), I use sonax wheel cleaner to break up iron deposits, for the 360CS with CCBs, normal soap. I use Ammo Brute for wheel soap, then Ammo mud for tire dressing when done with everything else. I use Ammo gelee every now and then as a wheel wax/sealant but it's not that important.

      For alcantara (which the CS is loaded with) you have to be very careful because if you scrub you will matt the fibers up and have to shave them off.
      Here is an instructional video:

      Use sonax alcantara cleaner only if needed.
      You can also use ethanol and water (i.e. pure vodka) if needed. Technique is extremely important here.

      And when all done, it should look something like this:

      PS I am not an expert of anything here, that's all just my personal experience, and your mileage may vary.
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