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      What about using an remote or manually operated flip down license plate holder.

      Altec Products Inc. 400EU Altec Product Show N Go License Plate Transports
      This guy that wrote me was not ready to be screwed with, he had some serious attitude. Been here for 30 years, but I'm still considered a Haole. This kid was local, big and about 25 years old with a pit bull look on his face.

      Russ, that is a bummer man. I know that guy was being a pain in the butt and really wanted to give someone else a bad day like he was having. And he was successful.

      I think what Wannabe suggests would be a pretty good idea. If I lived in a city, or frequented a city, that was ultra anal about front license plates. I'd hit the switch when I parked it. I heard that some guy even got a ticket while they ate and the valet parked their car in front of the restaurant! :eek:

      I was pulled over once and the cop really just wanted to check out the car, abuse of power, I know. He was nice enough, but he told me that if he sensed that I was going to not be nice, he was going to give me a no front license plate ticket.

      And you never have to talk to policemen. All you need to do is be respectfully quiet when you feel you are being abused. That is your 5th amendment right.

      But if you don't have to prove that you put the plate back on, why are you even using that tow hook thing?

      BTW, I just did a quick google search on these, and I came accross an "ask a cop" forum and two cops said they would take the person to the cleaners for "obstruction of justice" "endagering the police" "reasonable suspicion for being involved in criminal activity" etc... These two guys said "there is NO reason someone would need to have one of these on their car unless they were trying to evade something". Jacktards. Even THEY couldn't understand how a license plate can really mess up the lines of an automobile. They were not car lovers.

      Basically: Cops are assholes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts

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