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      Question - now that I know the charger I have in in fact a CTEK MU 3300,

      I realized that the Eyelet adaptor (the one that is permanently affixed to the battery terminals) is not a match for my charger.

      I can either buy a direct replacement, which is no frills, simple and go (likely what comes with the OEM set):

      Or I could buy the same adapter, that has 3 LED lights which indicates the battery's current charge level. Looks like the lights would be super handy, but does have a draw albeit a small 1.5 mA (Milliamps).

      I'm inclined to think the indicator version would be cool, but have no idea if having a 1.5mA draw would add to much to the "typical" parasitic discharge of my Gallardo battery.

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      I went with this CTEC that another forum member recommending in a previous post and it has worked great, but does require a power outlet. I bought

      And then ran the input cable around the battery trim cover in the hatch so all I have to do is open the frunk and plug in the connector. I keep the car on this at all times unless I plan on going back out within a few hours. I have read how goofy these cars can act on weak batteries.

      When you say stored "with no power" I am assuming no outlet to plug in to which is going to very difficult unless you figure out a way to get a couple extra batteries involved.

      good luck!
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      what battery should I buy from my LP? where can I get the CTEK?
      I don't know what battery to suggest, but I'm sure others will chime in. I haven't had to change my battery on mine so I've never explored the battery options.

      As for the CTEK Battery Tender...I purchased mine from Amazon, but you can also get it directly from the CTEK website.

      I am using the CTEK Multi US 4.3 model...I have the connectors hooked up directly to my battery terminals and unplug it when I drive the car then plug it back in when I park it every single time. Super easy.

      CTEK Website link:
      Battery Chargers - CTEK Battery Chargers

      Amazon Link:

      I also purchased this CTEK eyelet with battery power indicator connecting cable so I have two reads on the condition of the battery, but this part isn't needed.

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