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Gallardo Concept

Gallardo Concept

Found this on Google. If I read it right it's a concept drawn up by a design student in Italy.

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That's an Embalado, not a Gallardo. Its witten right on top of the picture. I'm over in Faribanks AK, and we have a Volks-Porsche cold-weather testing facility up here. I work in a Ford dealer, but we give them our used anti-freeze for their crash-test dummies. Talked to one of the techs, and he said that this Embalado could possibly receive a 6.0 twelve, 1000 bhp, or just an unspecified V8, most likely the same on they were testing in a Gallardo. He didn't really say much about the 6.0 other than "We're getting close." Let's hope he's serious. I would love to see this thing waste a Veyron.

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